How to use Lolliwax wax sticks

  1. Open the Box.
  2. Take one stick for each nostril.
  3. Warm it with Hair dryer for approx. 7-10 seconds 
  4. Insert the Stick into the nostril until the stick's collar touches the nostril.
  5. Do not move or twist the stick. Wait 15-20 seconds for the wax to cool, do not leave the stick inside the nostril for more than 2 min.
  6. Holding tightly on the stick and in one swift movement, pull the stick down. Discard the stick after using.
  7. Repeat the process in the other nostril.



Another great Video/Review by the "Galaxy dreaming"


Keep out of reach from children; consult with your specialist if you have had nose/nasal surgery in the past 12 months before using this product.  It is normal for skin to appear red after waxing.  In case of persistent redness, burning sensation, pain or bleeding apply a cold compress and seek immediate medical advice.  Do not use:  If you have a nose piercing; If you have a cold or runny nose; If taking oral retinue, blood thinning or skin thinning medications; If you have sunburn, dry, flaky, broken or irritated skin; If you have suffered an adverse reaction to waxes in the past; be careful Around the eye area. do not eat, taste or lick the wax product.  pay attention for temperature of wax after heating.  pay attention to how to safely use of the product.